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Telehealth means that you can access your psychology sessions via phone or videoconference, which is a growing need during the current pandemic. All the same confidentiality ethics apply as they do for in-person. We at SoulScapes Transpersonal Psychology have been providing Telehealth for many years.

You can access our services using telehealth either privately or with a Mental Health Care Plan. Privately means the arrangement is between you and your psychologist and is a straight-forward payment of fee for your sessions. However, if you have a private health insurance policy that covers psychological services, you may take your receipts to them for a private insurance rebate. 

As of December 2021, the government announced that telehealth is now permanently available for all Australian's with a Mental Health Care Plan. 

For all bookings, we offer a free 15-min preliminary chat before we commence sessions with you. This gives us a chance to connect, answer your questions, and ensure we are a right fit to address your needs. Most people appreciate that person-to-person opportunity before deciding to book a first appointment. From there, we book your time(s) in the diary and gather the relevant information to make the payment/rebate process as smooth as possible.

Then, our work begins on an agreed platform of telehealth communication (phone, zoom, or other.)

We sincerely hope that all of our population is getting the help that is needed, and that we can assist those who are drawn to our growth-oriented approach.

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