Cherie Levy 

Transpersonal-centred Clinical Psychologist


Cherie Levy is a Clinical Psychologist who works with a deep appreciation and respect for the transpersonal. Working practically and professionally, Cherie welcomes a deeper exploration into our inner nature, the life of the Soul.


Her experience in guiding people back to their connection with the natural world is shared as a key to connection to themselves and to the world around them.


As a Clinical Psychologist, Cherie has trained specifically to provide a thorough understanding of human development, personality structure and specific issues of mental health. Her extensive experience and understanding in the treatment of psychological distress means the container she holds fosters safety, awareness, exploration and curiosity.


Cherie holds specific interests in working with life transitions, relationships and social challenges, substance use, addiction, and issues of trauma. Cherie encourages clients to develop insight to better understand old patterns and destructive habits in order to live a life rich in health and mental wellness.

Her genuine passion for social connectedness and interpersonal intimacy lends itself to fostering safe, well-held and deeply nourishing environments to examine the nature of the Soul’s journey.

Cherie draws upon a range evidenced-based practice techniques such as interventions from mindfulness- and compassion-based cognitive-behavioural therapy; internal famly systems, acceptance and commitment therapy; positive psychology; interpersonal psychotherapy; attachment-based therapy; gestalt therapy; and depth psychology.

With training as a yoga teacher and in dynamic movement therapy, the relationship between the mind and body is integrated into Cherie’s work as a gateway into deeper ways of understanding ourselves as a whole.  Ayurveda (ancient Indian understanding of medical science) and Chinese medicine theory provides her with a deeper reverence for the richness and texture of the interconnected human experience.



Cherie is looking after all of our SoulScapes Transpersonal Psychology clients whilst Rain steps back to focus on mentorships. Due to the high demands of the current circumstances, at times there may be a few weeks between initial contact and availability for your first appointment. Note that on most weeks your enquiry will be responded to within 24-48 business week hours unless Cherie is away.

You can get in touch with her through the contact page.

Session fees with Cherie (for a standard 55min session):

$200 for private psychology session


$210/ less Medicare rebate of $129.55 = $80.45/session (for typical item numbers).

Cherie also has a limited number of spaces allocated to support those requiring a sliding scale due to the pandemic and its effects.

*Please note that due to a shift coming in 2022, Cherie has limited capacity to take on new clients using a GP referral for a Mental Health Care Plan.

**Also to note that the Medicare rebates attached to telehealth sessions are due to expire Dec 31st 2021. At this point, the government has not announced an extension for these sessions.